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The purpose for developing C.S.S. is to protect citrus trees from disease. It also  produces the maximum yield of fruit and growth potential. This product is  formulated  with a vegetable oil base.

CSS offers protection agianst bacterial related disease, such as citrus canker and greening it also protects, viral diseases as in  tristeza. CSS treats  fungus, molds, rust, mildew, moss and leaf spots. Prevents vectors such as  Aphids, Thrips, Mites, and Asian Citrus Psyllid (ASP) carrying the greening bug, as well as other harmful insects.  

C.S.S. eliminates oil applications.  The nutritional properties also reduce the amount of fertilizer required, thus ending the need for multiple products and or applications.   By using only two products the cost saving potential can be realized.

Not only is C.S.S. safe for the trees and fruit. It is also safe for the environment. It has shown the ability to extend blooming season for up to two weeks as well as help to protect the fruit from frost.  This enables the citrus trees to produce more fruit and yield a higher quality product.

 C.S.S. has successfully regenerated trees with: Citrus Canker, Greening, Tristeza and Molds. After proper treatment a strong and healthy tree will flourish.  In the case of Canker disease the tree will lose all affected leaves and grow healthy new leaves without detriment to the existing fruit

Always inspect your trees leaves, fruit and bark for any discoloration or infestation.

If any are found reapply a 2% solution. We are confident proper application will provide the optimal   protection, growth and yield.

 We are offering a free sample of C.S.S. for your company to use on a trial basis.

Please take advantage of this opportunity.  The results will speak for themselves!!